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Property Seller's Guide

B.I.C's Seller's Guide

Minimal Spend

Minimal Spend

  • Spending 1% of the value of the property to prepare your house for sale can achieve a 10% return at the time of sale.
  • Minor improvements at a minimal cost can greatly improve your return, BUT spending on major improvements is usually unnecessary and undertaken for personal reasons.
  • Buyers will be turned off by potential expenses – they either won’t buy or will expect a price reduction. To prevent this, tend to minor improvements BEFORE your home is ready for sale.
First Impessions

First Impressions

  • Create a lasting first impression from the street - have potential buyers initially attracted by the outside appearance of your home.
  • Buyers are usually attracted to the appearance and “feel” of your home – present it at its best with a natural “lived-in” feeling.
  • Present a home which is warm, neat and attractive to the potential buyer.


  • Open up your house and yard to their full potential.
  • Remove all unnecessary items and clutter.
  • Remove any unsightly and unnecessary structures.
  • Hire a storage shed for furniture and personal items.


  • Attend to any minor repairs and unfinished jobs which will appear unattractive to potential buyers.
  • Any NECESSARY major repairs will be identified in your B.I.C. Inspection Report and are recommended to be addressed prior to sale.
  • Other major repairs and renovations are often UNNECESSARY - potential buyers are likely to undertake their own repairs and renovations to suit themselves.


  • Remove all rubbish and unwanted items from site.
  • Clean walls, carpets, floors and tiles.
  • Clean and tidy up gardens and lawns.
  • Hire a skip bin.


  • Look for faults you may normally overlook.
  • Look at your home through fresh eyes as if you were the buyer.
  • Ensure your home has a “fresh” feeling and aroma.
  • Make your home feel comfortable – warm in winter; cool in summer.
  • Focus on the “positives” and features of your home.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are major selling points for the decision maker – pay extra attention to these areas.
  • Remove pets where necessary when potential buyers are present.


  • Presentation is key to the successful sale of your property.
  • Present your property as attractively as possible.
  • Present your property as if you were the buyer.
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