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Pre-Sale Building Inspections & Reports

Pre-Sale Inspections

Pre-Sale Building Inspections

A new Pre-Sale Building Inspection Certificate is a “home-worthy” certificate for your house, where all relevant inspections are carried out before you put your property on the market. This certificate can be beneficial when selling by auction, private sale or when using a real estate agent. It allows you to maximise your return by addressing any issues arising from the Inspection Report and giving you confidence your property is ready for sale.

Our professional pre-sale Building Inspection Report will detail any recommended building repairs and maintenance to be carried out in preparing the property for sale. The report will highlight and address any issues, enabling the owner to maximise their return, while giving the buyer peace of mind, knowing all building and land details have been checked and validated.

A Building Inspection undertaken by B.I.C. is a thorough and comprehensive inspection. Unlike regular, generic building inspection reports, B.I.C. will provide a detailed, easy to read and understand report, tailored to the property in question.

Potential buyers are able to easily download a copy of the report relating to your property at no cost, and can be assured they are buying a "home-worthy" house.

Potential buyers only want to know that the property complies with all building and Council regulations, and there are no hidden unknowns. Give buyers the reassurance they are looking for by providing them with a B.I.C. Pre-Sale Building Inspection Certificate…a “home-worthy” certificate!

All Building Inspections will only be carried out by a qualified Building Inspector in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and Regulations.

Sample Pre-Sale Report

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Benefits of a Pre-Sale Inspection

Maximise your return

Maximise your return

Sellers can maximise their return with a Pre-Sale Building Inspection Certificate from B.I.C. Any issues pertaining to the property are highlighted and addressed before putting the property on the market. Be confident your property is ready for sale.

Ensure your property is ready for sale

Ensure your property is Ready for Sale

Having your inspections carried out before you put your property on the market enables you to address and highlight any issues initially. You can be confident your property is ready for sale with a B.I.C. Building Inspection Certificate.

Buyer & seller confidence

Buyer & seller confidence

Knowing the property has been checked, validated and is ready for sale provides peace of mind for potential buyers and confidence in the property for sellers.

Eliminate unnecessary negotiations

Eliminate unnecessary negotiations

With inspections being carried out before putting the property on the market, both the buyer and the seller can be confident in the condition of the property, with no hidden unknowns. There is no need for unnecessary negotiations between the buyer and seller... a true valuation of the property has already been achieved.

No hidden unknowns

No hidden unknowns

ALL relevant inspections are carried out initially and a detailed Building Inspection Report is provided by B.I.C. Any issues have been identified and the seller has decided to either rectify these issues or sell the property as is, with the buyer being made aware of any problems.

No further inspections required

No further inspections required

With all relevant inspections being carried out initially, no further inspections are required and the property is ready for sale.

No time constraints

No time constraints

As all inspections are carried out prior to listing, the property is home-worthy and listed at its true valuation. There is no time delay waiting on inspections and reports to be completed, issues to be rectified, and negotiations to be undertaken. The buyer can proceed with the purchase without any “subject to” clauses.

Generating new interest in a previously listed property

Generating new interest in a previously listed property

Undertaking a Building Inspection Certificate and Inspection Report after listing could generate renewed interest in the property by instilling more confidence in the prospective buyer and removing uncertainty for the seller..

Compliant & Non Compliant Building Inspection Certificates:

Building Inspection Certificate currently offer the following compliance options:

Compliant Building Pre-Sale Inspection Certificate

A professional inspection was carried out on site, which identified building compliance and/or repair and maintenance issues. The property owner has decided to carry out the rectification work identified. The property is then ready for sale and a Compliant Building Inspection Certificate will be issued.

Non-Compliant Building Pre-Sale Inspection Certificate

The same professional building inspection was carried out on site, however the property owner chose not to carry out the rectification work. The property owner is putting the property on the market as is and a Non-Compliant Building Inspection Certificate will be issued for the property.

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