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Building Compliance

Building Compliance

Ensure your Building Compliance has been checked!

Assure potential buyers of the condition and compliance of your property, just as you would expect the same in return.

Do you know if your property is building compliant? Chances are you don't!

Building Compliance involves checking and validating the property and its structures in its current state, and comparing this with Local Government documents and plans.

Building compliance is now mandatory when selling a property and potential buyers are requesting Building Compliance when purchasing a property.

There is a strong likelihood Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y.) work has been carried out on your property at some stage which is not building compliant. Ensure your property is Building Compliant and eliminate any hidden unknowns before you put your property on the market.

Benefits of Building Compliance

Fully Checked & Validated

The property and its structures have been fully checked and validated in their current state, both internally and externally. This will avoid any disputes pertaining to the property which may arise from a pre-purchase inspection or Council check in the future.

Council Compliance

If there have been any alterations, additions or building works on the property, B.I.C. can arrange a Building Certificate signed off by Council on your behalf. This Building Certificate is valid for seven years.

Building Compliance Includes

On-Site Inspection Survey
Identification Survey
Planning Controls

Other services pertaining to the property, including:-

Council Documents Survey
Copyright Compliance Act 1968

Due to recent changes in legislation, the general public (including property owners and their Solicitors) are now unable to reproduce plans at Council, unless approval is granted from the original Copyright owner. B.I.C. are able to access and reproduce relevant plans and drawings for the property on your behalf.

Other Inspections you may require
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