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The Role of Conveyancers and B.I.C. when Buying or Selling Property

10 Jul

The Role of the Conveyancer Conveyancing involves the transfer of ownership of a property from seller to buyer. DID YOU KNOW…your Conveyancer only carries out a property search on the file at Council and transfe ...

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Not just an's a "Homeworthy"

09 Jun

Comprehensive PRE-PURCHASE and PRE-SALE Inspections and Compliances Purchasing a property is a major decision and should be supported by a comprehensive knowledge of the condition the property is in. So how does a B.I ...

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It PAYS to “Homeworthy”!

27 May

West Wodonga - shortly after a neighbouring property in a similar condition to his own sold for $425,000, a vendor decided to list his property for the valued price of $390,000. Around 25 potential purchasers insp ...

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Thorough building compliance check to uncover any issues

18 May

At a Building Inspection undertaken by MBA Building Inspections, the Building Inspector questioned an extension erected on the property, due to the manner in which it had been constructed. The Inspector suggested the pot ...

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