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Thorough building compliance check to uncover any issues

Thorough building compliance check to uncover any issues

18 May

At a Building Inspection undertaken by MBA Building Inspections, the Building Inspector questioned an extension erected on the property, due to the manner in which it had been constructed. The Inspector suggested the potential buyers should carry out their own inspection on whether planning and approvals had been undertaken on the extension.

The potential purchaser made enquiries with the vendor, who was himself unsure about the issue, having only purchased the property two years prior.

On approaching Council, the vendor found no plans existed for the extension, which appeared to have been done by previous owners. The property had been on-sold twice before the current owners and it was estimated the extensions were carried out some 12 to 15 years earlier.

This scenario proved there had been no thorough checks done in the past in relation to the property to this point, even considering how many times the property had changed hands.

The existing owner was then required to seek approval, and make alterations, to the extension, at his own expense, to ensure its compliance and have all the relevant building permits and approvals.  This in turn resulted in the loss of the potential sale and the property being taken off the market for six months.

How B.I.C can prevent this situation

You can avoid issues such as this and have complete confidence in the property with a comprehensive Building Inspection Certificate from B.I.C. before committing to purchasing a property. This will ensure the property you are purchasing is deemed “homeworthy”, with no hidden problems.

The Conveyancer only undertakes a property search in relation to titles and certificates. No inspections or compliance are carried out on site… these are the responsibility of the buyer! As a purchaser, under new copyright legislation you cannot get access to Local Government files and plans in relation to the property.

The seller (who has the best knowledge of the property) is under no legal obligation to disclose any issues in relation to the property.

You may not be made aware of:-

  • The safety of the property
  • D.I.Y. work which has been carried out.
  • Alterations, renovations, repairs or replacements undertaken without relevant building approvals and permits.
  • Illegal building works.
  • Whether works comply with the Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia and Local Government building requirements,
  • The presence of asbestos.
  • Electrical safety issues.
  • Plumbing non-compliance.
  • Swimming pool safety fencing non-compliance.
  • Termite damage.
  • Other potential hazards.

B.I.C. is the only service that can provide you with a comprehensive “homeworthy” certificate.

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