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The Role of Conveyancers and B.I.C. when Buying or Selling Property

The Role of Conveyancers and B.I.C. when Buying or Selling Property

10 Jul

The Role of the Conveyancer

Conveyancing involves the transfer of ownership of a property from seller to buyer.

DID YOU KNOW…your Conveyancer only carries out a property search on the file at Council and transfers the property title?

A Conveyancer WILL:-

  • Prepare, clarify and lodge legal documents
  • Research the property and its certificate of title
  • Check for easements, titles and other relevant information.
  • Settle the property
  • Represent you.

The Conveyancer DOES NOT carry out ON-SITE INSPECTIONS on the site of the property on what is sitting on the land; they only transfer the title of the land.

The Conveyancer DOES NOT carry out building works or building compliance.

If you don’t engage a Conveyancer and undertake this task yourself, you won’t be covered by indemnity insurance if something goes wrong.

Helpful hints when engaging a Conveyancer:-

  • Seek a referral
  • Do a background check
  • Ensure they are licensed.
  • Ensure they are a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers
  • Ask for property specialisation
  • Enquire about fees and charges

It is important to note that conveyancing processes and requirements may vary between States.

The Role of Building Inspection Certificate (B.I.C.)

Building Inspection Certificate (B.I.C.) DO carry out ON-SITE INSPECTIONS and BUILDING COMPLIANCE on the site of the property. B.I.C. are a professional building inspection company who work in conjunction with your conveyancer to assist when buying or selling property.

B.I.C. WILL carry out your “Buyer Beware” inspections, including:-

  • Help guide you through the Building Compliance process
  • Check the site and Council file, comparing the two
  • Carry out a Victorian Due Diligence checklist
  • Inspect existing buildings, extensions, alterations and additions
  • Site surveys
  • Drawing plans and description of the existing site
  • Council Document Survey
  • Building Approvals and Permits
  • Obtaining approvals and permits if applicable
  • Copyright Act 1968 Compliance
  • Identification Survey (boundaries and buildings)

Benefits of B.I.C.’s Building Compliance service include:-

  • Property internal and external is fully checked and validated
  • Avoid disputes relating to non-compliant structures
  • On-site compliance inspection against Council files
  • Compliance check on any D.I.Y. structures

Building Inspection Certificate (Aust.) Pty Ltd (B.I.C.) are an Albury/Wodonga based company servicing Albury/Wodonga, Wagga and surrounding areas.

B.I.C. has set about improving the way property inspections and compliances are undertaken and believe in supporting buyers, sellers, conveyancers and real estate agents to achieve the best possible result for all parties in relation to property sales.

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